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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Hale Irwin

Only four players — Willie Anderson, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, and Jack Nicklaus — have won more U.S. Opens than the three claimed by Hale Irwin. In fact, along with those four (who won four Open titles apiece), Irwin is the only other man with more than two. He took the national championship in 1974, […]

What Muscles Are Used in Throwing a Baseball?

Though the entire body is engaged when throwing a baseball, the shoulder, arms, back and core are responsible for the majority of the movements. A combination of strength, speed and stability are needed to effectively rotate the body backward before switching direction and accelerating forward to release the ball with power and accuracy. The deltoids, […]

Is It OK to Exercise Barefoot?

Barefoot exercise is nothing new. Toddlers love to go barefoot, and dancers often take off their shoes to kick up their heels. However, barefoot runners such as Olympian Zola Budd have brought media attention to shoeless exercise. Exercising without footwear feels liberating and is fine in many cases, but whether barefoot is OK for you […]

Walt Frazier

Position: Guard Walt “Clyde” Frazier, the preeminent defensive guard of his era, wrote his ticket to the Hall of Fame when he led the New York Knickerbockers to a pair of championships in the early 1970s. Frazier holds the Knicks’ career record for assists, and he was the leading scorer in franchise history until Patrick […]

How to Spat Your Football Cleats

The advent of low-cut football cleats by the Riddell Company in the 1950s brought about an increase in ankle injuries. Prior to the influx of one-piece, manufactured spats that cover the shoe laces and ankles, football players devised their spats with the same type of tape used by trainers to give them ankle and lower-leg […]

Dante Lavelli

Dante Lavelli was called “Gluefingers” for his uncanny ability to hang onto a football, but it wasn’t adhesive that fastened him to the Hall of Fame. His hands were not sticky but strong. Cleveland coach Paul Brown said Lavelli had the strongest hands of any receiver he’d ever seen. Those hands helped him be one […]

Ken Houston

Ken Houston’s career was great, but strangely unnoticed, until the Monday night match-up between the Washington Redskins and their arch rivals, the Dallas Cowboys. Sixteen seconds remained. Dallas trailed 14-7 and faced a fourth-and-goal situation. Cowboys quarterback Craig Morton took the snap from center and immediately tossed a short pass to fullback Walt Garrison. Garrison […]

Bend It Like Beckham: David Beckham Quiz

Whether you think of David Beckham as an incredible soccer player or the sexiest man alive (or both), you can test your knowledge of his famous feet (and face) in this quiz.

List of the Differences Between Soccer & Basketball

Soccer and basketball are played at high schools and colleges throughout the United States and the world, not to mention on park and school playgrounds and professionally. Both sports provide players the opportunity to compete and reap the physical benefits that come with being physically active, but their similarities mostly end there. Differences exist between […]

Paul Warfield

Paul Warfield is recognized as one of the premier wide receivers ever to have played in the NFL. His career totals for number of catches don’t seem to be in line with those accumulated by other great receivers. However, as any student of the game should understand, the truth isn’t always in the numbers. During […]

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