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Monthly Archives: April 2017

The Muscles & Body Parts Needed to Kick a Football

Kicking a football — either a round soccer ball, oval American or rugby ball — uses a lot of muscles and joints. A successful kick requires good eye-foot coordination, balance, accuracy, skill and power. Kicking is predominately a lower-body activity but your whole body is involved in maintaining balance and stability. Kicking a football uses […]

How Do Football Players Recover After Games?

Football is an exhilarating sport for spectators and players alike. The physical nature of the game requires players to keep their bodies in top shape to avoid injuries. Even with extensive training and preparation, players are left physically exhausted at the end of a game. Individuals must take the proper steps toward replenishing and repairing […]

How to Get Athletic Legs for Men

Athletic legs on a man say something about a guy. They speak of his love of sport and fitness and his willingness to go the extra mile, literally. Cyclists, track and field athletes, gymnasts, football and soccer players all have well-developed legs; not only from their sport, but from their training. If you want to […]

Swimming Workout for Basketball Players

Basketball players use a variety of muscles to play the game, including leg, lower back, abdominal and arm muscles. Because swimming is a full-body exercise, getting in the pool is an effective way to strengthen and tone the muscles used on the hardwood. In addition to its strengthening and toning qualities, swimming is an effective […]

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