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Monthly Archives: May 2017

The Top of My Foot Hurts After Running

Running is an effective cardiovascular exercise, but it can be difficult to stick to if you are suffering from an injury such as shin splits, knee meniscus damage or foot pain. Because there are many factors that can cause pain across the top of your foot after running, you may need to see a physician […]

What Are the Ten Softball Positions by Number?

When you hear a softball fan describing a play, she might use numbers between one and 10 to refer to the defensive players. These numbers aren’t tied to the numbers on the players’ jerseys — they’re a numbering system typically used to keep score during the game. Every position on the field has an assigned […]

How Has Football Equipment Improved?

While it’s possible to enjoy a game of touch football by getting out on the field with other players and a ball, you need proper equipment to play tackle football. That has been true since the game was first played in the second half of the 19th century. Some of the basic equipment used by […]

5 Ways to Stretch Your Lower Back

Many will experience low back pain, stiffness or tightness at some point in their life. A tight lower back is tough to avoid, as daily activities, such as walking and sitting, can lead to this issue. Prevention is key to avoid this condition and stretching can help to shun tightness. Lie on your back with […]

Volleyball Serve Receive Drills

The ace is one of the most dreaded statistics in all of volleyball. The inability to properly play a serve–called serve receive–can lead to a big deficit in the score before you know it. Practicing some simple serve receive drills can help your team members improve on receiving the ball and transition into their offense […]

The Body Types of Soccer Players

Soccer players at the highest levels have plenty of excuses to take their shirts off and show off impressive six packs. Chelsea’s Didier Drogba and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo memorably posed for Annie Liebowitz on the cover of Vanity Fair to publicize the 2010 World Cup. U.S. women’s team standout Brandi Chastain displayed her black […]

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