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How to Get Better Grip From Basketball Shoes

Basketball players need shoes with good grip and traction to maneuver the quick turns and direction changes that occur during a game. Indoor playing surfaces can easily become slick and hazardous. The bottoms of shoes can become covered with a thin layer of dust or dirt that will cause the shoes to slip against the floor. Keeping surfaces clean and utilizing techniques to provide more grip can help players to be safe and move better on the court.
Clean the bottom of basketball shoes often with a damp cloth. Basketball shoes used for indoor playing should never be worn outdoors. Even when they are only worn inside, they attract loose dust and dirt very easily.
Sweep basketball courts regularly with a dust mop to minimize dirt and dust.
Try shoe grip enhancers such as sticky mats or grip lotions designed to add a small amount of stickiness to the bottom of shoes. Sticky mats are stepped on before players enter the court. Grip lotions are poured onto a towel that the players step on. Hair spray can also be sprayed on the bottom of the shoes to help them stick better to the floor.
Moisten the bottom of the shoes when they start to become slick. Some players lick their hand or run their hand through sweat and wipe it on the bottom of the shoes. Using a damp cloth while on the sidelines will also have the same effect.
Replace shoes when the soles start to become worn. Basketball shoes are designed to have plenty of traction, but over time the tread starts to wear down.

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