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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Metatarsalgia Exercises

Metatarsalgia is a foot condition characterized by pain in the area of the ball of the foot, usually where the second toe and foot join together. Repetitive motion and force in the area are common causes of metatarsalgia. Factors that lead to extra force on that area of the foot include tight calf muscles, wearing […]

Strategies for Winning Volleyball Matches

Volleyball strategies range from simple and obvious to highly complex. Matching strategies to the skill level is the critical first step. Teams must develop appropriate tactics for serving, receiving, offense, hitting and defense. Master the basics, then blend in more elaborate concepts. Team strategies evolve as the team evolves. The higher the skill level, the […]

What Does “Sandbagging” Mean?

“Sandbagging” in sports is a form of chicanery, in which a player deliberately misrepresents and downplays his ability, in order to derive an advantage over his opponents. The term has been associated with golf, auto racing, poker and paintball, among others. Sometimes, sandbagging is incorrectly used to describe strategic maneuvers. A person who “slow plays” […]

How to Avoid Getting Flat Feet

Flat feet, also known as fallen arches of pes planus, occur when the supportive arch of the foot becomes progressively flatter. Your natural arches are personal and unique to your body, so if you have flexible flat feet, it’s usually not a problem. Unfortunately, if you had high arches and they’ve become compressed and flattened […]

How Soon to See Results When Taking Creatine

Relatively cheap and safe, creatine helps to replenish ATP — the main energy source for cells — during intense exercise. Unlike with many supplements, you do not experience the effects of creatine instantaneously. Your cells store creatine for future use, keeping your muscles saturated for when you need it the most. However, other factors can […]

Will Wearing a Trash Bag Help You Lose Weight When Working Out?

Sauna suits and other similar getups have become popular in recent years. While they tout quick results with minimal effort, weight-loss methods such as these pose serious health risks. Weight loss experienced while wearing a trash bag or sauna suit can be attributed to losses in body water rather than fat. There is no secret […]

What Does an Outside Linebacker Do in Football?

Typically, the defensive unit of a football team has two main types of linebackers: inside, also known as middle, and outside. Most defensive units have two outside linebackers, designated as strong side and weak side, who are responsible for containing the outside areas of the opponent¡¯s offensive formations. The outside linebackers¡¯ specific responsibilities depend largely […]

Diets for People Without Spleens

Although your spleen is a vital part of your immune system, sometimes doctors must remove it. Most often, this occurs when the spleen ruptures after an abdominal injury, but it’s also necessary as a treatment for certain cancers, blood disorders or infections. While this procedure will not require you to change your diet much, it […]

What Happens When a Goalie Comes Out of the Box in a Soccer Game?

The penalty area, also known as the 18-yard box, clearly defines where on the field a goalie may handle the ball. A goalkeeper can leave his box whenever he likes, but it always carries an element of risk. Few coaches, players or spectators feel comfortable when their goalie strays too far. As soon as a […]

Signs & Symptoms of B12 Deficiency in the Feet & Hands

Vitamin B-12, a co-factor used by enzymes involved in fatty acid metabolism, helps form myelin sheaths, which surround nerves. Deficiency of B-12 causes these enzymes to not function properly. Consequently, unusual fatty acids with branched chains accumulate in the myelin around nerves and demyelination occurs, causing nerve damage, or neuropathy. B-12 deficiency causes neuropathy manifested […]

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