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Diets for People Without Spleens

Although your spleen is a vital part of your immune system, sometimes doctors must remove it. Most often, this occurs when the spleen ruptures after an abdominal injury, but it’s also necessary as a treatment for certain cancers, blood disorders or infections. While this procedure will not require you to change your diet much, it […]

What Happens When a Goalie Comes Out of the Box in a Soccer Game?

The penalty area, also known as the 18-yard box, clearly defines where on the field a goalie may handle the ball. A goalkeeper can leave his box whenever he likes, but it always carries an element of risk. Few coaches, players or spectators feel comfortable when their goalie strays too far. As soon as a […]

Signs & Symptoms of B12 Deficiency in the Feet & Hands

Vitamin B-12, a co-factor used by enzymes involved in fatty acid metabolism, helps form myelin sheaths, which surround nerves. Deficiency of B-12 causes these enzymes to not function properly. Consequently, unusual fatty acids with branched chains accumulate in the myelin around nerves and demyelination occurs, causing nerve damage, or neuropathy. B-12 deficiency causes neuropathy manifested […]

A Workout Plan With a Broken Foot

It’s possible to have a broken foot and continue with your normal exercise routine, but it’s not recommended. Bone fractures need to be stabilized to give them time to heal properly. You’ll most likely wear a brace to immobilize your foot and need to stay off it for a period of time. With crutches or […]

How to Break in Soccer Shoes

Players look forward to breaking in new soccer shoes at the beginning of every season. This is necessary to mold quality leather shoes to your feet over the life of the shoes. Top-end kangaroo leather, thin yet strong, makes an ideal soccer shoe upper to take the shape of your foot. These shoes require care […]

Gatorade Vs. Water

Sports drinks such as Gatorade promise better athletic performance, but in some cases they¡¯re not really necessary. Water does the trick in many cases. In fact, there¡¯s a reason Gatorade is called a sports drink;-it was developed to help athletes involved in a rigorous football training program. Everyday exercisers don¡¯t necessarily work out with the […]

Can a Body Get Back in Shape At 50 Years Old?

Perhaps you were once a competitive runner, a heavy lifter, a football quarterback or a dancing queen. But as the demands of work, kids and life crept in during your 30s and 40s, fitness fell by the wayside. Colin Milner, founder of the International Council of Active Aging, told Experience Life that just one in […]

Exercise to Lose Chest Fat for Men

As a man you may want to have lean, sculpted muscles that let you rip off your shirt without any hesitation. When you start to gain excess body fat you might find that it shows up in your chest and gives you man breasts. Through exercise you can reduce your body fat levels, increase your […]

The Safest Children’s Bike Helmets

It’s only natural to want the best when it comes to safety gear for your child — after all, Seattle Children’s Hospital estimates that a proper helmet reduces the risk of bike-related head injury by 85 percent. Whether wearing a helmet is the law or your personal safety precaution, the safest children’s bike helmets are […]

5 Main Rules of Fencing

Fencing, a unique combative sport that is part of the Summer Olympics, pits two sword-wielding competitors against one another in a contest of skill and athleticism. Each fencer attempts to touch the other with the tip of his sword to score touches, or points. All fencing competitions must follow a few basic rules to ensure […]

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